SaaS Link Building: Your Ultimate Guide to building Relevant and Authoritative Links

Last Updated:September 28, 2023
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Sakshi Jha

In this article, we will discuss the importance of link building for your SaaS brand and provide tips on how to effectively execute a link building strategy.

According to the study by SaaSlinko, the most important factors to determine the quality of backlinks are; unique root domain, domain rating/domain authority, content quality, website traffic, and relevance to your niche.  

From this quote alone, it’s clear that alone backlinks can’t help you build authority and rank on google. Your links need to be:

  • Unique
  • Domain Rating similar to or higher than your own website, and 
  • Relevant 

The main problem arises when most brands fail short of building relevant and authoritative links. To solve your problems, in this blog we’ll discuss how product-led businesses can do SaaS Link Building with the help of these strategies. 

Ready? Let’s go!

Why is SaaS Link Building important?

58.1% of SEOs believe that backlinks have a big impact on search engine rankings. Why? Because backlinks when received from reputable and relevant sites prove to Google, that the content you publish and your website is an experts in your industry. 

It acts as an awareness and traffic booster to your site pages and helps you get more relevant traffic faster. But link building is a tough job, how do you decide what strategies to follow when it comes to SaaS Link Building?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

SaaSLinko is a SaaS link-building agency that helps SaaS brands fuels their traffic and helps them build a strong brand reputation with the help of backlinks collected from relevant and highly authoritative websites. If you find link building a tedious task, consider talking to your expert on a free 1:1 call. We will be happy to help you 🙂

Below outlined are the strategies that we ourselves use and trust when it comes to SaaS link building!

SaaS Link Building Strategies 

Unlinked brand mentions

You can ask for a backlink if your company appears on another website without any links or attributions. The site will probably comply with your request because they are already familiar with your product. 

Reaching out to website owners who have mentioned your brand but haven’t included a link is a great way to build links. To regularly find websites writing about you, you can regularly set up an about you link-up. You can also set up a Google News Alert for your brand.

This is a great way to build backlinks quickly.

Linked brand mentions

In order to take advantage of higher-quality referral traffic, this strategy entails contacting websites that have linked to your homepage and asking them to change the link to a more pertinent page on your website.

Guest posting

Many brands in the SaaS niche use this extremely well-liked link-building tactic to obtain links on prestigious business, technology, startup, and marketing-related websites.

With a solid SEO & content strategy in place, it is utilized by the majority of SaaS companies. Whatever you may think of Neil Patel, he is an excellent marketer who frequently leverages guest blogging to increase awareness of his brands.

Reach out to other businesses or publications that are disseminating content and ask if they’d be interested in receiving a contribution from you.

Trend reports

Links to additional studies, statistics, and trend pages are incredibly popular with both websites and journalists.

There are two approaches to developing topics for your industry that are pertinent and can attract links:

  • Make your own research, then share the results.
  • Create a curated piece of statistics or trends using data that is already available from sources such as Statista, Google News, and others sources.

Now, carrying out your own internal study requires a lot of planning, time, and resources.

Although this is the recommended course of action, creating links by referencing and using existing statistics is also a very effective strategy. Imagine someone writing content on a subject related to your industry and they need to quickly cite a statistic.

With all the statistics on that particular topic, your page is ranked. You’ve significantly facilitated their work, and as a result, they’re more likely to use your one-curated statistic piece as a point of reference in their content.


Considering how popular podcasts are right now, incorporating them into your SaaS link-building strategy is a great way to boost brand recognition and acquire some backlinks.

Find out which podcasts are relevant to your industry and submit a pitch on a subject you feel comfortable discussing for about 30 minutes.

A description of the episode’s content is included when it airs, and this is an excellent opportunity to promote your company and gain some backlinks.

Product embeds

Not all SaaS products may respond well to this approach.

However, if you can find a way to make your product embeddable and convince your customers to do so (along with a “Powered by” backlink to your website), then link-building for your website happens automatically.

Shareable links

Allow users to share portions of your product, and instruct them on how to do so through email marketing, in-app tutorials, and blog posts. Your link-building efforts are likely to be aided by providing your users with the tools they need to produce quality content.

For instance, it might be as easy as making your in-product reports readily shareable if you have an analytics SaaS.


A roundup is a type of blog post that curates the best content on a certain topic. They’re popular because they provide readers with all the information they need on a particular subject. As a SaaS company, you can participate in roundups by reaching out to the author and suggesting your company.

Broken links

Making use of the numerous outdated and broken (404 error, anyone?) pages that exist online is possible through broken link building. Therefore, have your content prepared and make it available to any websites that have broken links.

Keep an eye out for any significant SaaS company acquisitions. There may be some out-of-date links waiting to be discovered if a company has been acquired by a larger one. Contact websites and offer to swap out their broken links for your own functional ones.

In actuality, this is how a broken link strategy operates; the difference is that you replace broken links rather than outdated ones.

CEO interviews

Link building for interviews is similar to link building for podcasts. It involves compiling a list of websites that have previously spoken with founders and other experts from SaaS companies and contacting them to see if they’d be interested in speaking with your CEO.

If you are willing to pitch ideas to websites in your niche or establish long-term partnerships with their owners, many of them will be interested in your professional opinion. The fact that they are benefiting from your content and expertise enables you to build backlinks easily, making it a digital marketing win-win for everyone!


Link building used to revolve around infographics and data visualizations. 

Nevertheless, infographics quickly became a powerful link-building tool, and the online space quickly became overrun with them.

The good news is that infographics still work — but you’ll need a really good one to stand out. 

If you want to showcase data and stats or simplify complex information, you can create infographics and share them with websites and news outlets. As the credit for the infographic, they’ll link back to your site.

Image credit

It might also be a detailed flowchart or a superb piece of artwork.

What’s this? It’s possible that specialized bloggers or business publications are making use of your infographic without giving it credit or a backlink.

Everyone would be eager to link back to you and generally wants to avoid DMCA complaints.

So, find websites using your images without giving them credit using reverse image search, and politely ask them to provide a link to the original source (i.e your website).

Product reviews

With this strategy, you gain links, social proof, and perhaps even some new clients. Not to mention that many product reviews naturally contain lots of references to your target keyword (or indeed keywords.)

Reaching out to bloggers in your niche and offering them 3 months of your product for free in exchange for a review post on their website within 2 weeks of receiving access to your SaaS tool is known as product review link building.

Freebies are extremely popular. And perhaps after using your product for free, they’ll stick around as a regular paying customer. This SaaS link-building strategy succeeds on several fronts and spares SaaS businesses the time and effort required for traditional guest blogging.

Integration partners

Many SaaS companies use integrations as a key GTM strategy to increase MRR. They are a fantastic source of backlinks as well.

Observe the following when collaborating with an integration partner:

  • Ensure that they incorporate a link to the integration directory listing.
  • Guest post on their blog using your target keyword as anchor text, of course, and include a contextual link back to a key page you want to promote.


What is a top backlink-building strategy that is also fairly time-consuming? As brands love to brag, building out rankings is a highly effective way to get them to link back to you.

What unique ranking reports can you produce in your industry to give brands the upper hand?


For many SaaS companies, badges are a frequently overlooked method of constructing high-quality backlinks. Your platform can acquire a large number of referring domains in a short amount of time by providing badges to your users. For many SaaS companies, badges are a frequently overlooked method of constructing high-quality backlinks. 

Your platform can quickly and easily acquire a large number of referring domains by providing badges to your users. G2, which releases quarterly rankings of software companies, is the most successful example of “badge link building.”

Look no further than G2 if you want to add a prestigious distinction to your link profile. To increase conversions, leading brands add the G2 badge to their website as social proof.

Free tools

Free tools are an excellent way to get ICP to visit your SaaS website and use product-led growth to encourage product signups.  You’re sure to see more links for those tools if you create resource pages and highlight tools that truly benefit your users.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to put forth the effort to advertise your free tool within appropriate communities and secure links to it.

Help a reporter out

HARO offers SaaS companies a terrific way to combine link-building and positive PR. An internet resource called Help A Reporter Out provides journalists with information sources for upcoming stories. 

They will probably link back to you in your author section on their publications in exchange for this information. In spite of the fact that it’s uncertain if you’ll obtain nofollow or dofollow links, your website will be highlighted and connected to on a helpful source, increasing organic traffic to your platform.


A simple technique to obtain connections back to your brand is to provide testimonials. Even while many sites will just provide you with no follow links, it’s still worthwhile taking into account all of the recent products you’ve utilized. Then get in touch with them and offer to provide a brief text testimonial in return for a connection to the main page of your website.


Speaking at and sponsoring seminars are excellent ways to develop thought leadership as well as high-quality links. When giving speeches at events, be essential to ensure that the event pages connect back to your website.

Q&A sights

Address your user’s query about your product and offerings. By resolving their issues on Q&A websites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers, you can satisfy your prospects’ problems.

Get featured in thought leadership articles

This strategy entails sharing your opinions or establishing yourself as an authority in your field on a certain subject.

  • Find an article that may use your knowledge and input, or pitch an article idea to a website. 
  • Include your quote or concept while giving you credit. 
  • The website’s owner will publish and promote the article through their channels. 

This is a fantastic method for SaaS marketers to keep supporting and guiding forward-thinking SaaS companies.

My 2 Cents 

SaaS Link Building is a tough job as it’s best done manually. That’s why we offer our clients manual link-building services that ensure they only get the best links that will boost their SEO efforts. 

If you want to book a call with you, fill out this form and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP. 

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